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Multiholk Fjllstugan feed nest box (per item)


The Multiholk® contains a 2-liter reservoir for bird seed. The compartment can be divided into two parts by means of a partition so that 2 types of food can be used. This makes the Multiholk® a crowded feeding place for various birds. The round entry opening can be closed when the Multiholk® serves as a feed house. The feeding plate offers a safe feeding place for small birds because the dimensions are such that larger birds cannot land on it. The feeding plate is equipped with small grids so that rainwater can drain away quickly. As a nest box: The partition wall between the two food compartments can be removed in an instant and then serves as a base for the nest box. The round entry opening is large enough for all birds the size of a great tit or smaller. The entrance is made of hard wood and offers protection against woodpeckers. The inside of the Multiholk® has small notches that offer the young birds enough support to leave the nest when the time comes. The cottage is equipped with sufficient ventilation to ensure a pleasant climate during hot days. Mounting: The Multiholk® can easily be mounted on a 45 x 45 pole using a mounting plate with a Phillips screwdriver. When used as a nesting box, we recommend mounting the Multiholk® at least 1.50 meters above ground. not too easily accessible for cats Provide adequate protection against wind and rain Provide a free approach route The entrance opening preferably towards the north, east or northeast Not in the bright sun Place several houses at least 3 meters apart Dimensions: 268mm W x 190mm D x 275mm H Weight: 1100 g Material: Larch wood Food container: 2 liters
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